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“Impressive singer with the right throaty voice and deep passion”

 Ora Brafman, “Jerusalem Post"

“Her voice is one of the most beautiful and passionate voices I have heard, especially of a young singer”
Tal Nimrodi, “Telavivcity”

“Una cantaora con sabiduría, un eco muy flamenco y peso a la hora de interpretar los temas”
Manuel Sualis, “Jerez jondo”

“קול ענק, מחוספס מעוצמת הריגוש...​ זמרת נהדרת"
רות אשל, "הארץ"

“מדובר בתענוג צרוף... ברמת ביצוע גבוהה"​
עומר שומרוני, “גלובס"

“יעל נשמעת כאילו נחתה אלינו הישר ממערות הפלמנקו של אנדלוסיה"
רן מלמד, “טיים אאוט"

״לונדון את קירשנבאום״ - שיר וראיון

"London @ Kirshenbaum" National Israeli TV performance and interview

"Diario Sur" Interview 


Ceuta, 13 may (EFE).- La cantante israelí Yael Horwitz ha reconocido que el flamenco español está provocando "enorme expectación y fusión" en distintos países del extranjero, entre ellos en Israel, y ha valorado la importancia de esta música "para expresar sentimientos".


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"Jerusalem Post" Interview

As a younger woman, Horwitz left her hometown of Jerusalem for the environs of southern Spain. An unknown singer, Horwitz spent years observing the great singers from the audience.
“To learn secrets you have to be in a place where you have technical and artistic abilities,” she explained. “The artists who I met didn’t teach me how to sing. I had to prove myself first and only after that did they open their souls to me.”


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Interview and live performance

"Kol Israel" national radio

"Radio Sefarad" interview






"Jerusalem Post" interview - "From Israel to Spain and back"

“My parents came on aliya separately, while their families stayed on in France and South America,” says Horwitz. “You could say I grew up with a range of cultures, and I have seen something of the world"...Continue reading

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"Kol Hakmpus" interview for "Global Village"

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